Customising the Revit Project Browser – Part 2

As I explained in Part 1 of this blog, you can really struggle to format the Revit project browser on larger multi-user projects – the browser becomes unwieldly very quickly. This is the second of two approaches on how to modify this.


This is a much easier method to create custom subfolders within the project browser, with an extra advantage of assigning view templates at the same time.

Firstly, organise your project browser into the appropriate group. This is not essential but is best practice.

You can do this by selecting the top line of the project browser, typically called Views (all). With this selected you can see your current organisation in the properties box.


You can modify the different groups and create your own by right clicking on Views (all) and choosing Browser Organisation.


Revit 2013 & previous users: Go to the View tab, User Interface, Browser Organisation.

This will launch a dialogue box on the screen where you will find options to create groups and control which views exist in which groups. Each group can be sorted or grouped differently – by name, phase, discipline, family, detail level, scale, view template etc. This is commonly used when sharing models.


1. Select the view that you would like to move into a new subfolder

2. Press Edit Type

3. Duplicate the floor plan option and rename it to whatever you wish the subfolder to be called (presentation/fire plan/floor finishes etc)


You should now find your view will sit in a new subfolder.


Views can now be assigned to this subfolder by changing their type from the type drop down in the properties box.


Having a well organised project browser will save every user on your project a terrific amount of time.  You can learn how to incorporate this and many other time-saving improvements to your Revit environment on our Revit Standards and Management course. Please contact me at if you want a free PDF version of Parts 1 & 2 of this blog.

For more information on how to boost productivity by customising Revit, check out Cadassist’s Revit Standard and Management 1-day training course:

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