Monthly Maintenance: Keeping Revit Happy

Keeping a Revit model healthy is such an important task. Slow response times and patchy performance are only common among poorly maintained Revit files.

If you have moved over the Revit recently, it’s likely that your file maintenance habits are not as well developed as they were with your previous CAD tool.  And a slow performing file can be particularly frustrating when you are in the process of adopting new software.

So here are a few tips to keep your Revit files healthy.  This isn’t a huge set of tasks and are typically carried by a range of roles:

Daily Tasks (by the user):

  • Create a local copy
  • Restart Revit over lunch to reset cache
  • Ensure that you end the Revit.exe process and relaunch before batch processing (batch printing/exporting, etc.)

Fortnightly Tasks & before file excahnge (by those in a model management role):

  • Check / review outstanding warnings
  • Check loaded families for unapproved content and reduce complexity as required
  • Record & monitor project files sizes
  • Purge unrequired families
  • Audit central file
  • Compact central file
  • Delete incorrectly named or unrequired views

Monthly Tasks (by those in a model management role):

  • Create a new central model with all users obtaining a new local copy
  • Check worksets
  • Preform a project / model health check (Cadassist can help)
  • Continuously meet with end users, discuss and implement their problems and suggestions
  • Collate and document problems and challenges
  • Update standards, train on changes
  • At the start of new projects, run kick-off sessions
  • Assess your training requirements

Understanding the full benefits of how to manage Revit and what you can do to increase performance among other topics can be found in Cadassist’s 1-day BIM Implementation Workshop running in Glasgow, Manchester and London on the 9th, 11th and 14th July respectively. 


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