Extending your Autodesk Licencing – Home Use

If you’re a Maintenance Subscription customer, you have the right under your Autodesk contract to install and use your software at home.  So for every office copy your company has, you can have the same number of licences running at a home location.  This second copy is intended for work related to business, personal education, or for training needs.

Even though home use licences have been a feature of the Autodesk subscription program for many years, a surprisingly few customers know they have this right.  And since it is already paid for, you might as well get the most out of what you already have!  Your home use licence can mean you can leave the office on time for a change, work more flexible hours, avoid coming in on a Saturday or practice what you learned on that last Revit course.

You will need to contact your Software Coordinator or Autodesk Contract Manager so they can request a licence through the Autodesk Subscription Centre.

To request a home use license:

Step 1. Log into Subscription Center and click the Access Your Subscription Benefits link.

Home user license scren shot 1

Step 2. Click on the Contract Administration link

Home user license scrn shot 2

Step 3. Click Request Home Use

Home user license scrn shot 3

Step 4. Read and Accept  the Home User Ancillary Service Agreement and then click Continue.

 Home user license scrn shot 4

Step 5. Select your primary license type which will either be Standalone or Network and click Continue.

 Home user license scrn shot 5

Step 6. For Standalone License, you can install your software on your home computer using the existing serial number and you will not need to submit a Home Use License Application form.

For Network Licenses you will need to complete the Home Use License Application form:

  • Confirm your Contact Information is correct, select your Contact Name and  Country  where you will use the product from the drop down list.
  • Enter the Product Name, Release, Serial Number and Quantity of licenses you are requesting.
  • Click Submit

Please note: This request can take up to 5 working days.  You will receive a new standalone serial number to use to install your Home Use licence.

Typically, a Home Use licence will “time out” just over a year from the date it was installed.

If you are unsure of your serial number, license type or if you have a general query, we are on hand to help.

You can find more information on Home Use licenses  in our BIM Implementation Workshop running in London and Manchester in January 2015.  Please contact your account manager or sales@cadassist.co.uk  for this and other BIM services.

You can also follow Cadassist on FacebookTwitter, and check out our LinkedIn group and our YouTube channel for more tips, tricks, updates and best practices.

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