Applications Manager: Keeping up to date with latest product updates and extensions

Autodesk Applications Manager is a new feature available with all Microsoft based Autodesk 2015 products and suites that will automatically keep you updated with all of the 2015 applications you have installed. Application Manager will send you alerts about product updates that may be important to you such as service packs.

The Applications Manager works from a cloud centric software solution that self-installs, along with a desktop software component that aims to deliver a better experience for realising and applying updates to products that you own and manage.

As well as providing updates to your individual software, Application Manager is ‘entitlement-aware’ which means that you will only be provided information based on your license status. Customers that are on an active desktop subscription or maintenance subscription agreement will have access to “entitled” updates such as product extensions which will give you incremental product functionality between major annual releases.

When an update is available a small notification will appear in the lower left corner of the screen. From there you can click View Details where a list of the available update will be shown.

App Manager - notification

Here you can see an example of the updates that may be available to your software. The titles will give you information such as what software the update is for, when it was released and its current installation status.

App Manager update screen

If you require further information regarding what is included in the update then you can click the drop down icon, which will reveal a short description about the update as well as giving you an option to ignore it.

App Manager - update details

If the update is right for you click Install and a download will begin. When the download is complete follow the prompts to install the update.

Please note: When you want to begin the install, make sure the required software is not open.

So you may be asking, “Why bother?  Why not just wait for these improvements until the next major release?”  You can do that of course.  However, it is fair to say that each service pack / update gives you a more stable and better performing version of what you first installed.  Secondly, Autodesk’s product development is on a fast track.  They are committed to continually adding features to their software and continually releasing these improvements – especially with a flagship product like Revit.  To illustrate that point, earlier this month, Autodesk announced Revit 2015 Release 5!  Finally, you may be missing out on a major “upgrade” if you are not paying attention.  A good example is when Autodesk announced the new Site Designer Extension for Revit in Release 2 (September 2014).  This update includes some much-needed site development tools that Autodesk acquired with the site planning software SiteWorks they purchased from Eagle Point Software.

But who has the time to keep up with all these developments?  Not many.  Which is why Autodesk came out with the Applications Manager.  So you can install it and forget about it . . . until it alerts you that a new version of your software is ready to install.

Cadassist’s BIM consultants are on hand to help guide you, so if you are unsure of what a particular update can do for you or if you have a general query we are on hand to help – a useful resource, particularly if you are tackling your first project. 

You can find more information on ‘Application Manager’ in our BIM Implementation Workshop running in London and Manchester in January 2015.  Please contact your account manager or  for this and other BIM services.

You can also follow Cadassist on FacebookTwitter, and check out our LinkedIn group and our YouTube channel for more tips, tricks, updates and best practices.

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