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AEC Mobile Apps

With the world of Building Information Modelling (BIM) constantly influencing the way we work, it is becoming increasingly important for you to stay in contact with the information and the people within your project. Autodesk Mobile Apps give you tools to view, markup, data share and even conceptually design when you are away from your desk. With these apps, you can ensure a much smoother workflow, whether you are checking floor plan dimensions or setting out a building using a total station controlled from an iPad.  The following list of mobile apps will keep you connected wherever you are.

Please note – some products are a technology preview (Beta) and may not be free when they are considered mature.



aec-feed-icon-75x75 AEC Feed iPad app

The frequent updates on the feed allow you to see what the latest industry trends are, what people think and how they are using their AEC software. From that you can watch video tutorials about how to use and optimise your software with the latest tips and tricks.

Available from the App store only



autocad-360-icon-75x75_r2 AutoCAD  360 mobile and web app

AutoCAD 360 mobile is a free drawing and drafting mobile app that allows you to edit AutoCAD drawings from wherever you are. Available online and offline, the app allows easy access to drawings (stored in the cloud) to help aid the explanation of a design.  This means you and your customer can work in their office, agree changes to your design, and make the changes there and then. A surprising set of AutoCAD drawing and editing tools are available.  Perfect for checking component locations during site visits or having meetings with clients.

Available from the App store, Google Play, Windows and Web based



autodesk-360-2015-icon-75x75 A360 mobile, web, and desktop app

A360 mobile allows you to view and track your 2D and 3D designs on a free app. The viewer permits you to show and share images and models from over 100 different format types. The app allows you to collaborate and share your designs easily.  It will also keep you up to date with any changes made from within the design team. You can upload photos, comment on project activities and use smooth multi-touch model navigation including zoom, pan and rotate. You can also open, browse and connect with files from your Buzzsaw site.

Available from the App store, Google Play and Web based


bim-360-field-icon-75x75 BIM 360 Field iPad app

The BIM 360 Field iPad app allows BIM 360 Field users to download their project information to an iPad, take it onto site, check the model against what is on site, make comments and markups, take and attach photos, and then upload the file to their design team. The app allows construction companies to perform management tasks such as quality control and safety checks, commissioning and handover programs whilst walking around on site. Full access is given to 2D and 3D drawings which can be edited with picture attachments and comments to various locations on the drawing.

Available from the App store only 



bim-360-glue-icon-75x75 BIM 360 Glue  iPad app

BIM 360 Glue is a cloud-based BIM management and collaboration tool. It allows you to connect the entire project team to one cloud-based model, streamlining the BIM project review and coordination workflows. You can upload your models and views directly from Revit to glue via the 360 Glue add in.

With instant access via your desktop app or through your preferred web browser, to a holistic view of all your project data anytime, anywhere, this is a tool that should make up part of any collaborative teams arsenal.  Read more in our BIM 360 Glue blog.

Available from the App store only



bluestreak-icon-75x75 Bluestreak mobile app

The Bluestreak mobile app allows users of Project Bluestreak to collaborate with their project teams from any location. You can view and send messages that are shared with your project team automatically.

Available from the App store only



buzzsaw-icon-75x75 Buzzsaw mobile app

This app allows you to securely access designs and documents in 2D or 3D DWF from your projects. You can also view and share project photos, images and other documents using Autodesk’s Cloud service.

Available from the App store and Google Play



formit-icon-75x75 FormIt  mobile and web app

FormIt is a 3D modelling app that allows you to apply your building design concepts digitally so they can be stored and shared on the 360 Cloud. Designs can be synchronised with other workflows so they can be further developed with Revit software at a later date.

Available from the App store, Google Play and Web based



infraworks-icon-75x75 InfraWorks 360 iPad app

Plan, design and engineer in the real world with Infraworks 360 iPad app. Change large-scale infrastructure models created from real data sources and integrate your design with the existing landscapes from around the world.

Available from the App store only



BIM 360 Layout BIM 360 Layout iPad app

BIM 360 Layout app is the direct link between what happens in the office and ensuring accurate replication on site. The app enables users to link their project model using Autodesk’s 360 cloud service to an iPad. From there the model can be linked to a total station to relay accurate up-to-date coordinates for field staking and/or location verification activities.

Available from the App store only



Creativity Mobile apps



123d-catch-icon-75x75 123D Catch mobile, web, and desktop app

Turn digital photos into 3D models that can be shared easily and integrated with a variety of Autodesk software for design purposes or even to print a real 3D  object!

Available from the App store, Google Play and Web based



mzl.yiqasnhp.175x175-75 Autodesk Remote iPad app

Use the Remote iPad app to control your primary computer from any location with an internet connection for easy interaction with either Revit, Inventor 3D or Maya software.

Available from the App store only


Does your office need to extend to the project site?  Could the way your team communicates and shares data be made more efficient?  If so, then click on one of these links and give them a go!

One last thing . . .

. . . we are really interested to learn how and why you may be using any of the above mobile apps.  Please feel free to send me an email ( and share your experiences.


You can find more information on ‘Mobile Apps’ at our BIM Implementation Workshop running in London and Manchester in February 2015.  Please contact your account manager or  for this and other BIM services.

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  1. I am using AEC Feed in my iPad for working with autodesk. Its one of the best app for autodesk users.

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