The Easy Way to Request Previous Version Software

One of the many benefits of being an Autodesk subscription customer is the ability to use previous release software. You may find yourself in a position where you are required to deliver a project with a specific software version. (This is quite common with Revit, as it is not backward compatible.) Or you need to install older software on older hardware because your PCs are not up to running the current release . . . and you are waiting for your new hardware budget.

This ability to use both previous and current versions of desktop software is a right reserved for Autodesk subscription customers. Very useful. But where do you find the installation software for, say, Revit LT 2013, when only the current release is available for download on the Autodesk website?

Up until last year, the answer was the Autodesk Subscription Centre. However, if you are like many Autodesk customers, you may find the Subscription Centre is not the easiest tool to use. You may never have visited the Subscription Centre at all!

Autodesk realised this and last year launched a terrific but little-known tool called the Autodesk Virtual Agent.  The Virtual Agent is an on-line, one-stop shop for help on serial numbers, network licensing, installing software, registration and activation codes, free viewers, and more.  It’s also the best place to get previous versions of your software.  To illustrate, here is how I would download the 32-bit version of AutoCAD 2012:

Once you open the Virtual Agent, click on Download Links,

Virtual Agent 1

Select the program, or group – AutoCAD Products,

Virtual Agent 2

Click AutoCAD,

Virtual Agent 3

And now, I have a list going back six releases – either 32-bit or 64-bit versions,

Virtual Agent 4

I scroll down, click the link I want, and I’m done!  Now, that’s a whole lot easier than the Autodesk Subscription Centre.  Faster too.

If you are responsible for Autodesk software at your company, Autodesk Virtual Agent should definitely be a bookmark in your browser.


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