Cadassist Case Study: Bernard Taylor Partnership

BTPteamBernard Taylor Partnership (BTP) is an award winning team of architects and design professionals based near Manchester and are market leaders in housing design, building re-use and conservation. As an established business, they remember the original technology change to CAD, and with the 2016 government mandate coming up they were eager to take the next step and embrace BIM. So in November 2012, to achieve this, they decided to join forces with Cadassist.

The Challenge

The government mandate was a major driver for BTP to make the move to BIM. Around 80% of their work is government funded which means that meeting this mandate ahead of time is essential. “We quickly realised that if we don’t do this, we’re basically faced with losing commissions,” stated Colin Savage, Director of BTP. “In addition there is the potential that BIM offers in improving efficiency and controlling costs by modelling earlier.” BTP’s aging infrastructure needed an overhaul and everyone needed to learn new skills, yet this change had to take place with the minimum disruption to project work.


The Solution

BTP approached Cadassist who put together an implementation strategy that matched the company’s business goals. This plan included a bespoke training programme for the entire staff, including directors

•Advice on new hardware
•A plan for migrating 30,000 existing drawings from a non-Autodesk file format
•A software strategy that included both Revit Architecture and Revit LT
•A support contract that included call-off, on-site support days and unlimited telephone support.

“It was critical that the directors attended the training provided by Cadassist,” says Colin. “It’s very important that you know what your staff are doing – what their capabilities are with the new software and what their output should be.”

The bespoke training programme included an accelerated 2-day Revit essentials course that provided each member of staff with skills they needed to hit the ground running with Revit. The ambitious plan called for BTP’s old CAD system to be turned off while users were off-site being trained, so everyone would be required to use Revit for live project work immediately on their return.

The Results

“In the first three weeks of our implementation of Revit in January 2013, you could hear a pin drop in our office,” says Vicky Saunders, Director at BTP. “With the dedication of our staff, we were able to turn off the 2D drawing program on 7th January 2013, and four days later we were fully operating BIM. The whole process from start to finish was 12 weeks. And we haven’t looked back since.” Vicky and her fellow directors were able to see the results of the training and new approach immediately. Where there were once four people working on a project there could now be two doing the same amount of work; effectively work was carried out twice as fast.

The team were also able to offer more services than before. This included 3D visualisations, which were previously outsourced but could now be carried out on site. BTP could also perform energy calculations and automatic quantity take-offs, which created new services they could offer their customers.
BIM has also enhanced the way BTP works with its clients. “With BIM, our clients are better informed than ever before,” continues Vicky. “BIM has improved their decision making process.” One of BTP’s key clients agrees.


“The new BIM computer system BTP have invested in has meant that we are able to visualise developments at an early stage and in more detail than ever before,” says Morna Harthan, Senior Development Office at Adactus, “This means we can contribute more fully to discussions on design and really take ownership of this stage. This ultimately saves us time and helps us deliver the best quality housing we can.”

BTP cites this better communication with clients as one of the key benefits to implementing BIM. But there have been many others. Profitability and revenues have increased; billings in the 3rd quarter of the first year on BIM were up 25% on the previous year. New staff have been brought on board to cope with increased demand. Additional training has been organised with Cadassist in Revit standards, content creation, and other advanced Revit skills.

Training continues to be central to BTP’s success. In fact, now BTP delivers Revit seminars for its own customers, explaining the benefits of BIM.

For more information about Revit training and making the move to BIM, contact our team at or call on 0845 872 5555.

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