Finding the English Language option for downloads on the Autodesk Account Management Portal

Sometimes it is the small aspects of software that leaves users stumped, and these aspects can be subtle but important.  In the Autodesk Account Management Portal we have found that one such example is a difficulty in finding the right language option for downloads.

Our own application engineers and a number of our customers have reported to us that they are unable to find the English language version of the Autodesk 2016 release software that they are trying to download; it doesn’t appear immediately when you click on the language option.


The solution is quite simple but not very obvious!  To scroll down on the list of languages that appear when you hover over the language option, you will need to drag the small grey box down or scroll with your mouse wheel to see the entire list.  This means you can see all the language options available to you, including English.


We hope this clears up this up for you.  If you need ongoing support with your Autodesk software, Cadassist offer a range of support packages suitable for businesses of any size. Contact our sales team on or call on 0845 872 5555 for information and a competitive price.

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