3 ways that having Autodesk certified staff is great marketing

Nothing beats the knowledge that you have well trained members of staff on your team, and one of the reasons Autodesk courses are so popular at Cadassist is that most businesses recognise that high levelrevit certificate training saves time and money long term; it’s an investment.

Certification for Autodesk software like Revit is one of the end steps of a training journey – it’s recommended that a delegate has 400 working hours with the software before taking the exam.  But if you have a well-trained member of staff able to proficiently carry out all the tasks you need them to, is it worth their time and your money for them to get certified?

In my opinion having certified members of staff is great marketing for a business in any industry, and here’s why:

  1. Anyone can say they can do something well.  I could tell you I sing brilliantly but you wouldn’t hire me to sing at your wedding without getting credible proof, or you run the risk of me turning up and ruining the whole day.  In the same way, for a large project clients are taking a leap of faith that you are as good as you say you are.  If your team members are good enough to be certified, the perceived level of risk to a client is much less and you lend credibility to your assertions of greatness.
  2. Professional appearance. The majority of businesses have websites now, and those that don’t will have some sort of collateral; brochures, leaflets, even just business cards.  You work hard to get this marketing looking sleek and professional, and showing that you have accredited members of staff can be as important as showing the work that you do and the work ethic you have.
  3. Show that you care. The fact that you’re investing the time and money into getting members of staff certified as well as trained, shows that you care about your business and team, and that you take it seriously.  Clients want to work with people that take their work and business seriously.

stock2As I already said, Autodesk certification is very much at the end of a training journey – it’s not somewhere you can send members of staff that have taught themselves the software start to finish via YouTube tutorials.  Our training team will be able to give you the best information on which members of your team will be ready, and offer training ideas for those that aren’t.  In addition, there are courses we offer in the morning that prepare you for the afternoon exam to optimise chances of exam success.

Professional certification for Revit Structure and Revit MEP is now available.  Until recently, specialists in Revit MEP or Revit Structure wanting certification would have to take an exam in Revit Architecture.  Earlier this year, Autodesk launched certification for building services and structural professionals, and this new ability to give members of staff certification directly applicable to their job means not only do you get to prove what you’re best at, but you have the chance to be one of the first Autodesk Certified Professionals in the UK for Revit MEP / Revit Structure, leading the way.

For information about certification and training courses contact the training team at Gordon.mcglathery@cadassist.co.uk or call 0845 872 5555.  Check out upcoming certification days here and get more information on the course here.

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