Creating multiple levels in Revit

Creating levels in Revit is an essential task and one that can be accomplished with relative ease if only a few levels are needed. When a project requires multiple levels that run into double figures we may need to change our approach.

Within Revit we have the ability to use the Array tool for this task and below is a guide on the necessary steps to take.

First things first we need to open one of our elevations as this is the view from which we place levels. Once in the view select your highest Level and in the Modify Panel select Array.


The Array tool now provides you with some options. Firstly we may want to un tick the Group And Associate option as this will give us more flexibility with our use of Levels.

Secondly in the number option type in how many Levels you want to create.

The next thing to do is select a reference from which you will define your distance between your levels, or click in open space, move your cursor vertical and type in your distance followed by the return key.


As you can see all the levels have been created but there are a couple of differences to that of your standard levels. Firstly they have not showed up in your project browser and secondly they are black instead of blue. This is because the levels have been created but a floor plan has not been created with them. This is done as you may not want to congest your project browser with views that only repeat an existing floor plan.


If you need to create floor plans from these levels then we need to go into the View tab and then select the drop down on Plan Views in the Create panel.


From the drop down select Floor Plan from the dialogue box use the shift key to select multiple Levels and press OK.


I hope you found this helpful, you can learn more skills like this on our Revit training courses, please contact or call 0845 872 5555 for prices and information.

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