An introduction to screen views in Navisworks

To start using Screen Views select the View Tab > Scene View Panel






Select Split Views button drop menu








If you have used more than one view to view your 3D models in AutoCAD, then this is the area where you view and interact with your 3D models in Navisworks. The views are useful to compare lighting or rendering styles and when animating your model.  Starting Autodesk Navisworks, the Scene View contains only one scene view, but you can add more scene views if you need to.  Scene views are called “ViewX” where “X” is the next available number. It’s not possible to move the default scene view.



You can use the ViewCube, the Navigation Bar, the keyboard shortcuts, and the context menu to interact with your model in screen view.  You can only have one scene view active at any time. A scene view becomes active as you work in it. If you left-click a scene view, the scene view is then activated and whatever you have clicked on is selected.  If you click onto an empty space, everything is deselected. Right clicking on a scene view activates it, and it opens a context menu.

You can use normal Navisworks selection and editing tools to select and manipulate the model.  Each scene view can be resized: To resize scene views, you need to move the cursor over the scene view intersection and drag the splitter bar . By setting the content size to the same proportions as your intended output, you can visualize exactly how it will look.

Scene views are dockable, and dockable scene views have title bars that can be moved, docked, tiled and auto hidden the same way as dockable windows. If you want to use several custom scene views, but you don’t want to have any splits in the Scene View, you can move them elsewhere. For example you can tile your scene views on the Viewpoints control bar.  Views are also able to be Auto hidden, docked & undocked, but you cannot undock the default scene view.

Click View tab Scene View panel Show Title Bars.

All of your custom scene views will now have title bars.

Click View tab Scene View panel Full Screen q4

The default scene view can be maximized and restored  by pressing F11

q5  Click View tab Scene View panel Window Size .

In the Window Size dialog box, Type drop-down list, select the sizing type.



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