Autodesk A360 Collaboration for Revit

Collaboration for Revit is an Autodesk A360 cloud based platform that allows construction personnel to simultaneously co-author models across firewalls from distant locations. This new platform aims to reduce many of the current model sharing problems such as firewalls, sync issues, storage and access.

Collaboration for Revit is integrated with Autodesk’s 360 cloud platform, which is currently collaborating projects as well as offering a range of cloud services such as rendering, file storage and editing. The new software enables entire teams to socially interact with ease in a project from multiple locations as well as editing, sharing and rendering, without downloading huge files of data.

Collaboration diagram

How does it work?

Currently larger companies install hardware products that optimise and manage WAN (Wide Area Network) connections with the aim of speeding up the synchronisation of model data between Revit Servers. Autodesk’s 360 cloud platform will cache the delta uploads which should eliminate the need to download data as the deltas are waiting on the local machine. This results in quicker synchronisation of model data from multiple locations across the globe which should save companies thousands as they will no longer need huge IT installations.
A drawback is that currently, bandwidth around the globe varies hugely and many locations may not be able to use the software efficiently due to slower internet speeds. (It would be advisable to check your internet speeds before purchase) However, the potential of this software could have a huge impact on the construction industry which in turn may have a huge impact on how we use the internet in construction.

A360 collab2

How to get it

To obtain an A360 Collaboration for Revit you will need to purchase a Cloud Service Subscription. This subscription offers you flexibility in its use, so you can quickly scale up or down depending on your staffing needs. You can also pay monthly, quarterly or annually, which enables you to only use the software and/or support when you really need it.

Please note: You will receive the right to use this Autodesk Cloud Service subscription and any associated benefits where applicable on a monthly basis. Under the Auto-Renewal Plan, your Cloud Service Subscription rights will automatically renew for additional monthly periods until you cancel, and you will be billed automatically at the start of each period, starting on the date that Digital River processes your order.

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    • Autodesk have said early 2015 but we don’t have a date yet, we’ll announce it on our Twitter feed as soon as it’s available and you can talk to our sales team about prices.

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