Creating Roundabouts with Infraworks 360

The UK is the home of the roundabout; the world’s first roundabout was designed in Bath inID-10056053 1754, although it wasn’t used by motorised traffic for another 150 years.  Nowadays the United Kingdom has more roundabouts as a proportion of the road than any other country.  They’re safer than junctions and traffic circles with 39% less vehicle collisions and 76% less injuries.

Generally roundabouts have been considered difficult to design, but the June 2015 release of InfraWorks 360 means that roundabouts are now easier to design with automated roundabout creation.

You can now convert any intersection that uses a design road into an accurate roundabout with a choice of 12 standards to choose from.

To do this, once you’ve created an intersection with a Design Road, click on the intersection and select “Convert to roundabout” from the drop down menu.


In addition you could go to the intersection asset card, where there are two Junction types, Intersections and Roundabouts. Click on the option you prefer, and then select from the Standards list the type you want to use.

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