Introducing Autodesk Screencast

This year saw the launch of Autodesk Screencast, a progression of Project Chronicle that screencast badgewas available on Autodesk Labs.  It can be used on Revit, Inventor, AutoCAD, Fusion 360 and a number of other third party software.

As suggested in the name, this new tool enables you to record interactions with of our applications as a screen capture video. This makes it ideal for sharing your process with colleagues, tutorials, webinars and even for sales materials; to show potential clients how you work and what you can achieve.

How to use Autodesk Screencast

Firstly you need to download Autodesk Screencast, and this is free to do here.

Then, you can open the application, and when you’re ready to start just press the record button.

Then you can carry out whatever you want to be recorded; Autodesk Screencast will record what’s going on on your screen and your commentary.

Once you’ve finished, press publish.  Autodesk will store your recording in the cloud, and you can then share it with whoever you want to in the form of a distribution list.  This could be a single person, your team, the whole company, or even to all of your customers.  It’s completely up to you who has access to it and how far it goes.

screencast cartoon

Another great feature is that it captures more than just the screen movement; it also captures the commands within a timeline, so anyone viewing the screencast can go back to any part of the video just by clicking on the timeline.

For information on all the services Cadassist offer including licenses and maintenance, support and consultancy email or call 0845 872 5555.  Follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for regular updates.

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