New Features for the mid-year release of Revit MEP

Following our post on the mid-year release of Revit Architecture, here are some of the new additions to Revit MEP, now available to subscription clients only.

Background processing of colour fills

Revit MEP R2 1

In Revit 2016 R2 with Background Processing of Colour Fill, colour schemes and the associated colour fills, are updated asynchronously, alleviating model interaction delays, associated with these computations like when adding duct/pipe.

In the past, whenever a model change affected a room, space, area, duct, or pipe color fills, each view, whether it was open or not, would be processed to update the associated schemes.

You can update room, space, HVAC zone, duct, and pipe color fills using multiple CPUs, improving the response speed of related operations up to 15%. Based on a new multiprocessing framework, this is the latest in a series of multi-CPU features that began with Progressive Display in Revit 2016.

You can notice the temporary hatch indication when the calculation is in-progress.  Now that color fill is processed in the background, you can experience improved performance when adding duct and pipe to large models.

Fabrication Part Modeling improvements

Revit MEP R2 2

Revit 2016 R2 features enhancements to fabrication part modeling for both duct and pipe.  The Show Service tool updates the fabrication part browser to show the service of the element selected in canvas view, making it easier to continue placing related elements.  This gives you a more efficient fabrication part browser that enables you to model faster and improve productivity.

It also features an improved in-canvas rotation tool for fabrication parts.  The Enhanced Rotation Controls enable users to more easily rotate the part on its axis to any desired angle. You will benefit from more control and improved productivity when rotating connected parts around their connected ends.

The Insert Part Option command makes it easy to place in-line parts, such as valves, dampers, and tees, into existing runs of straight segments. You can more easily place tees, valves, and dampers into modeled runs.  It enables you to model fabrication level detail parts more efficiently with in-line part placement.

When using fabrication parts in Revit, you can place fittings on the sides of rectangular ducts, such as square to round fittings using Tap Placement. Once the tap has been placed, it can be positioned anywhere on the duct surface. Improve accuracy with the ability to model taps to the side of ducts according to specifications to meet fabrication requirements.

The main benefit of this update is that it improves accuracy and performance with the ability to model according to specifications more efficiently.

Electrical Design enhancements

Revit MEP R2 3.JPG

In the updated version of Revit 2016 you can now define the default rating for newly created circuits, enabling you to tailor your project template to regional requirements.  Default Circuit Rating provides control and flexibility for local needs outside the US. It simplifies the pre-populating branch circuit panels that may have many such breakers. This means you can tailor circuit default ratings to local standards usability to meet your design specifications.

Another electrical design enhancement helps you when there are only two options for the Default Distribution System on a panel. In prior releases, when placing a panel, the distribution system was always assigned as None. In this release, if a panel only has a single distribution option, such as 208/120, this will be assigned automatically.

This update to Revit MEP 2016 will increase productivity with automatic selection of the default distribution systems and tailored local circuit default ratings.

As previously stated, these updates are only available to those with subscriptions – either desktop or maintenance (click here if you want reminding of the different kinds of subscription), which is one more reason to keep a subscription going.

If you need advice on which subscription is for you, get in touch on, contact your account manager or call 0845 872 5555

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