New release for Inventor 2016 Subscription Customers

A new version of Autodesk Inventor is now available to subscription customers; Inventor 2016 R3 includes Inventor Connected Design on A360 as well as the ability to export data in the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format for use in building design applications.

Inventor Connected Design on A360

Inventor Connected Design will facilitate fast and simple 3D design reviews within a team and project collaborators anywhere in the world, and on any device.  Start in Inventor by taking a lightweight 3D capture of a part or assembly called a Design Share. The Design Share contains only the parts you designate and can be previewed so you control the information included.

You then choose the email addresses of the collaborators you want involved, and just give them access to the Design Share, directly from Inventor. These people can then review Design Shares whenever they want online using Autodesk 360, in addition comments can be added that can be viewed by the whole project team

Anyone can review a 3D design on practically any device, whether they have access to Inventor or not, which is a faster and more automated way of sharing data, as opposed to other more traditional methods such as 2D screen shots and email.inventor r3

It uses lightweight 3D viewables that enable you to easily control which parts are shared and which are not.  It automatically manages and tracks comments, and provides a central record of the time and date for each Design Share and comment received in feedback.

Export data in the Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) file format

The IFC file format provides an open standard way of exchanging model information between manufacturing, architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Autodesk Inventor 2016 R3 adds the IFC format as an export option to enable the delivery of 3D mechanical designs for building and construction applications.

The IFC standard is developed and maintained by buildingSMART. Autodesk has supported the buildingSMART initiative on Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) BIM data standard since it was established.  Autodesk Inventor leverages buildingSMART-certified IFC export capabilities in Revit to provide this capability.

From a part or assembly file, select the IFC file format from the ‘Export Building Components’ command within the BIM Exchange environment. The model will be written into a *.ifc format and will contain 3D geometry and material property information for use downstream.

inventor r3 2

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